New Builds for the Central Coast

Building a new home is high on many Australians wish list. And for those lucky enough to live on the stunning Central Coast, there’s no better place to build your dream.

The main advantage of a new build over renovating or purchasing ready built is the joy of getting everything just as you want it. You get to personalise everything, from the layout down to fittings and finishes. It can be an exciting time! But without proper planning it can also be one of the most stressful undertakings in life. And that’s where Brazier comes in. Building your new home should be joyful, not soul destroying. Here’s our top advice.

Planning and organisation

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This is the least exciting but most important part of your new build. Without good planning and organisation you can easily have budget and timeframe blowouts which can have the potential to kill off a new build altogether. Our best advice is to do your research. Find a reputable designer that has a portfolio that you like, have an initial consult and start discussing some options. This will give you an idea of what’s possible and what it might cost you. If you’d like to work with Brazier, get in touch and start talking timelines, site prep (particularly if there’s a knock down) and involved costs.

Consider your block

Central Coast Builder - Custom Homes Central Coast

Not all blocks are created equal. Challenging blocks can create stunning solutions but will also add considerably to your build costs and can take more time. Similarly a site that needs clearing or has difficult access will add to your budget and schedule. Another thing to consider is whether your site sits in a bushfire or flood prone area as this can lead to specific requirements with the design and the materials used.

And more planning …

Central Coast Builder - Custom Homes Central Coast

Once you’ve got an idea of what’s possible and what your budget looks like (always add a healthy contingency fund to your budget. Somewhere around 20%) the fun can begin.

A good designer will always design to your budget. It’s a useless exercise to show you a design that comes in way over what you can afford. A modest budget definitely doesn’t mean a shoddy result. Some of the best ideas are born from challenge. And smart choices in materials can make a huge difference to build costs.

Using a designer/builder team that already have a good working relationship makes a lot of sense. Anything that makes a job run smoothly saves you time and money. You want to ensure that you’re working with people that you can trust with your dream as you’re going to have a lot of contact with your building team.


Central Coast Builder - Custom Homes Central Coast

Ensure your quote is detailed and covers everything discussed. Anything that isn’t covered and signed off is a potential problem, for both you and us, the builders. So we’ll work with you to get everything organised, quoted and signed before any thought of work commences. It’s always a good idea to have any contract checked over by a professional before signing.

Consider other costs

Central Coast Builder - Custom Homes Central Coast

Often people only consider the costs involved with the build, but there are a lot of other expenses with a new home. These might include council fees, removal of any on-site structures (extra expenses if asbestos is involved), finance fees, rent … Make sure you consider all of these out-of-pockets to get an accurate idea of your budget and ensure there’s no nasty surprises.

Clever design

Central Coast Builder - Custom Homes Central Coast

Your designer and builder will help you create a home that evolves with you – as children arrive and grow, as you age, or perhaps with maximum appeal for future sale. It makes sense to do this planning right at the beginning.

As you can see, a lot of the best advice around a new build comes down to meticulous planning and organisation. With a thorough plan in place a full service builder like Brazier can have you in your dream home in a matter of months.